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The management professor

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下面几段文字摘自美国管理学会(AOM)前主席Thomas W. Lee题为『管理学教授』(The management professor)的演讲,该演讲将刊登在2009年第2期的Academy of Management Review上。

When I think about our academic research, it’s been my experience that one publication seldom produces a large influence on our theory and research. Instead, it is a stream of programmatic research involving many different kinds of books, articles and chapters that deeply affect our thinking and actions. Most of us, for example, have been deeply affected by Simon’s book, Administrative Behavior; March and Simon’s, Organizations; Thompson’s Organizations in Action; Weick’s The Social Psychology of Organizing; or Pfeffer and Salancik’s The External Control of Organizations. But, even as amazing as these books are, the work that they inspire is more impressive and important.

In my view, the value of scholarly contributions should be evaluated by the subsequent knowledge that they inspire. I do not mean judging value only or primarily by numbers of top tier publications, citations counts or similar meaningful but imperfect measures. Instead, I believe that what we should value most are those bodies of programmatic research that lead us to say, “I am confident that we know a lot about this topic and that I’d feel good advising executives and managers to spend a lot of money implementing our ideas based on our research.”

What do I draw from my personal experience and that of others? First, we should be less concerned about the contribution of individual studies and more concerned about the contribution of programmatic bodies of research. Further, I believe that such programmatic research should be our gold standard for meaningful academic scholarship. Second, most contemporary research issues and the everyday constraints imposed by a business school require a diverse skill set and multiple points of view for programmatic scholarship, particularly in today’s global market place for research and publication. In other words, I believe that team based research is the most effective strategy to conduct programmatic scholarship in today’s environment.

Lee, T. W. 2009. The management professor. Academy of Management Review, 34(2): forthcoming.